Hello Darkness

Every year in August it starts to get dark at night. And every year I take it as an affront. What’s this nonsense? How am I supposed to see?

Time to dig out the flashlights and headlamps. You know, from that special place I put them so I would remember where they were. Um….

People generally assume that midwinter is the darkest season here. Wrong. Least hours of sunlight, yes. But darkest, no. The darkest time is now, with leaves still on the trees and no snow. It’s the only time we ever have can’t-see-your-hand-in-front-of-your-face dark. When the leaves go away and expose the sky, and snow covers the ground, it is never this dark again.

This then is also the only time of year there can be scary noises in the woods and you absolutely can’t see anything. And the bears are still out and about. Not my favorite scenario.