It’s August, fall is here.

Actually I see the very first signs of fall about July first. A yellow leaf here, a red leaf there, where before was only green and more green.? Nothing much, but the message is pretty clear.

By mid-August there is a lot of color in the undergrowth and the trees are just starting to show signs of changing.

White birch trunks in the morning sun on the trail

My Commute: White Birches glow in the morning sun on the trail.

North Window Twilight In Spring

View from my north window in April

Spring evening light out my north window.

I know of few things more peaceful than watching the light fade ever so slowly on a spring evening in Alaska. The sunset is in the north, and lingers on until it becomes the sunrise. I am always reluctant to light a lamp at this time of year, preferring to let that magical twilight fill the cabin. Beats the living hell out of TV.


Simple Pleasures 1

Clean utensils - two knives, a fork, a spoon, drying in the sun.

Simple pleasures: Clean utensils

If you haven’t ever lived in a “dry” cabin (no plumbing), you are missing out on some of life’s greatest simple pleasures. Too often the knife, fork or spoon gets the pants-leg treatment, so when I take the time to produce hot soapy water and really wash them…aaah. A very small thing, and a very real joy.